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Learning Polish: The Difficult Moment or One of Several

Some time about now you may wonder why you are doing this. Why are you learning Polish? Perhaps you made friends with a Polish girl or young man, as the case may be. Maybe there were professional reasons. Or perhaps it just seemed a good idea at the time. Now that moment has arrived, the moment when you run out of steam. However good the idea seemed it no longer seems so. This is entirely normal, learning another language tends to move from plateau to sticky plateau in lurches. If someone tells you that it is easy, that there is nothing to it - then kick him or if he is out of range throw something!

Difficult Polish Language

It is hard work, but think what you have achieved. You can say simple things. You can string a few words together. It is far easier to learn a foreign language in that country. So-called total immersion or if this is not possible, surround yourself with Poles and ask them to only speak Polish. Concentrate on the words that you have. Use these words as much as you can. Obviously this does not apply to business. If it is at all possible to spend a whole day, or even better two or three with a Polish speaker and to restrict yourself to the Polish that you have, then it is the best remedy. Almost without exception languages are living things, they need to be spoken. From time to time a concentrated totally Polish weekend will make all the difference.

It is not possible to learn a language as if by reading a dictionary, a better approach is to use opportunities to concentrate on one theme at a time. One can learn the words for everything in the house. Then move on to shopping and perhaps the car and its engine. Just for the sake of it, learn the Polish names of the flowers and trees that you see every day. You may know a Pole, who wishes to learn or to learn more English. Made a conscious effort to alternate, a couple of days in English and then a couple of days in Polish. Avoid mixing languages; if it is Polish let it be Polish without any thing else.

Trying to avoid the trap of habit, after a while it seems inconceivable to talk to a person in another language. This is because your brain associates this person and indeed all others with the situation in which you have first contact with them. It is difficult to imagine a bus driver without his bus. It is difficult to imagine talking to someone in a different language, but it can be done. Try to find a way of studying that you enjoy, this is not quite the same as saying only do what you enjoy. The point is that some study a language because their employer insists upon it and expects visible progress. However for others, without this pressure, there is a tendency to avoid what is tedious. So it is important to make learning enjoyable and to be able to appreciate that you are making progress.